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If you want to follow along with this video, you should have a Linux machine, but the can utils package installed, you’re going to also want a camp sniffer and some kind of vehicle to work on you, don’t have the can sniffer yet that’s fine we’re going to Go over some options in this video later on, the can bus is easily accessible via the obd2 port. This is located on the steering column. When doing CANbus research, you will need a can bus device in order to sniff all the traffic cheapest device is one of these elm327 Donald. These dongles cost around twelve dollars and you can usually pick them up on eBay. They typically work with a smartphone device. Well, these kinds of devices work for reverse engineering, they’re, basically too slow for what we really want to do. I would spend at least sixty dollars on devices such as the kantack or USB toucan device. For this demo we will be using the USB toucan device. This is from eight devices there’s a lot more expensive can sniffing devices out there, but mainly what you’re, paying for is the ability to sniff multiple canvases at once or to have a bigger buffer space for the sake of our demo, a 60 dollar device work. Just fine, we are going to use this test bench for our demos. This test bench is just a section of a car. I pulled off. A junkyard is a great way to safely perform testing on demos.

I’Ll show you how to build one. These test benches in a later video now just attach your canvas sniffer to the obd2 port I’m, going to be using Linux, for all of my testing max is built in cans, buzz sport and you can run Linux in a virtual machine if you want the next Use a socket can to make kin devices show up as network devices. This makes it very easy use other tools and make new ones about having to worry about what equipment the person is using when I plug in USB 2 can the device shows up in Linux? Is can 0 if you’re using contact device will show up? Is SL can 0? The name just depends. The device is using your Cyril to talk to Linux or, if it’s, a raw connection. The next thing you need to know is what speed the bus runs up. Speed is also known as a bond rate for obd2 the bond for the high speed. Can bus or a chess cam is typically 500k. You need an initializer can devise the tell Linux what the baud rate is here. We are just saying to use sudo to switch to root access and set up the cans ero of type can. The bit rate of 500000 is the baud of 500k. The light should go green on the USB de can, if are using a serial candle ice. You will need to specify two commands here: we’re switching to route again, but this time we run SL candy and pass it a bunch of options.

The lowercase s six represents the speed where six represents five mark. A the capital asks the serial speed and the TTY USB zero is the serial interface name. You need to issue one more command before you can use the SL cannon interface, this command finalizes, the link between SL candy and SL can 0. Once done, you should be able to see the devices when you type ifconfig, for these demos. Please have your car turned on, be careful, you put your car in accessory mode. Instead of being turn on fully, you may kill the battery first tool we use is candle, run candle, followed by your device name, you can see a steady stream of packets. This is all your component is talking to each other you’re. Giving updates it’s really hard to tell what’s going on so let’s clean it up now, let’s run a tool. Clog can sniffer follow your can device name. This already looks much better. What is going on here is: can sniffers grouping all those packets that we saw flying by by just their ID numbers if the packets don’t change Calcifer removes them from our view further decluttering the screen, as you can see, the cam packets have a max length of 8 bytes we’ll get the figuring out with these packets too. In a later video. Just because can dump is not as easy to read. As can sniffer doesn’t mean it’s useless. You can record cam packets using can dump using the L flag.

We need to press ctrl C to quit and you should have a file with the name that’s the current date and time go ahead and rename. This is something you’ll remember. This is useful for recording a session in a vehicle. If you ever want to send a packet, you can do that as well. We’Ll use utility called cam, and here you can see, will type can send the device name. Our ID will be 666, followed by a pound sign and then up to eight bytes. In this case, we’re going to use zero one zero, two and zero three can send will send a single packet. It sends it as an ID followed by a pound symbol and update bytes. The can utils package has a lot of other utilities as well.


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Sat Jun 04 14:57:55 +0000 2011

RT @developarduino: CAN bus reverse-engineering with Arduino and iOS


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RidtZYBx normal - arduino can bus
Sat Jun 04 14:57:55 +0000 2011

RT @arduino__tut: CAN bus reverse-engineering with Arduino and iOS


#arduino #programming

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  1. I have an Audi A5, I want to sniff and pickup messages on the CAN bus, specifically brakes, left / right indicators, reverse and lights.  Are all these available on the ODBII port?  I recently purchased a CANLogger 2000 with cable, but having connected it to my car I could see no activity being logged.  Would a USB2CAN device be able to capture the data I am after?

  2. Ive now purchased a USB2CAN device, configured my laptop with Ubuntu and installed the can tools, the USB2CAN device is setup, and I have a cable to connect the device and my laptop to the car’s ODBII port…but I see no data at all….I’ve setup the USB2CAN device for 500,000, can you help please?

  3. Hi, I am developer of USB to CAN converter better known as usb2can from 8devices. It was initially my design and fully finished product but was selling under 8devices name. Now when I finally established own company regaining legal rights and trademark, but obviously it is lengthy process. Now I am working on new designs.You can check them at:

  4. Hi Guys, this is a great video and the book as well. Btw, did someones find any tutorial on how to build a test bench?

  5. So the slcand works with any hardware (ex CANtact) that installs as a virtual serial COM port? What kind of interface does USB2CAN use? Can you make a connection between a CANtact and a virtual CAN?

    For example, instead of
    sudo modprobe can
    sudo modprobe can-raw
    sudo ip link set can0 up type can bitrate 500000

    I’m doing,
    sudo modprobe vcan0
    sudo modprobe slcan
    sudo ip link add dev vcan0 type vcan
    sudo ip link set up vcan0

    But I don’t see how slcand knows whether to use vcan0 versus can0:
    sudo slcand -o -s6 -t hw -S 500000 /dev/ttyUSBx (ex. s6=500kbps, s8=1Mbps)
    sudo ip link set up slcan0 //connect slcand with slcan0

  6. Primeiramente Parabens pelos videos, estou planejando adaptar um painel de um veiculo que usa rede can bus em um veiculo que nao usa rede can bus é possivel ? consigo fazer isso usando arduino ? ler os sensores atravez do arduino e converter os sinais analogicos do carro em can bus ?

  7. If I have a RS232 serial port on my desktop and running Kali Linux , and make a cable from OBD2 to a RS232 plug, connecting the Ground and CAN signals, I could do this without tne CANto usb or other stff between OBDII and Serial port?

  8. OPEN GARAGES, what can a CAN buss sniffer do for what and give more examples of why would you want to use a CAN sniffer?


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