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This is Indian life. Recurrent. Today we are going to make a drone by using Arduino me. This is a basic structure of a drone. This is a motor which is connected with ESC. This is a power supply of ESC and this is a signal wire of ESC. This is a flight controller, APM 2.8, which we normally use, but this time we are going to use Arduino Uno as a flight controller. We are using MP use six zero five, zero accelerometer plus zero sensor, which will cost about 150 rupees. You will get all the details of the product in the description. This is the UH 90s RC receiver. You can use any receiver. You have Music Music. Don’T worry about the connections. This is the diagram. You can follow this diagram to complete the connections after completing connections connect the Arduino with computer to programming, but before starting programming, remove all the propellers for the safety purpose. Now, just upload the codes in the Arduino and follow my steps: Music, Applause, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music – now find one big ground to flight. Do not try to fly it inside the home; Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music.


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#arduino Need advice on low latency camera usage
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cantafora_arduino 1973 @ La Città analoga, Etude III



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  1. Bhai nehi ho raha hai. Jab set up file upload karke serial monitor kat raha hu tab sirf question mark aa raha hai please help

    1. How do you mean useless ?
      Lots of people watching this have programming experience
      and we will give constructive criticism. If you can not handle that
      you and your ass should not be Youtube or any social media platform of that matter.

      On top of all the code the guy uses is stolen from someone else.
      Editing a line of code and calling it your own is still theft and very disrespectful to
      the original author / designer.

      People will have a opinion on that, and it is utterly most their rights to !
      You can not steal someones work and not credit the person,
      if you do not agree with that, than you are one of those empty people that
      are incapable of thinking something for them self’s.

      In simple terms.. use your brain.

  2. You did nice work.
    The peoples who said that you copy the code may hurt someone’s feelings…
    But actual thing is I used to make drone a lot of your help even I don’t understand the joop’s videos so lengthy & time consuming…
    You did very nice explanations
    Thanks buddy

  3. Have you change anything when you are at the trail or just keep trying br and can you display or send how the ESC and motor are connencted and also the quadcopter frame and i will appreciate if you consider my request

  4. I have a doubt.. in three wires of ESC, the signal wire is connected to Arduino pin 4,5,6,7. Then wt abt 5v and GND wire in ESC?


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