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Smartphone connect mega data cable and attach your Arduino mega with your hand. Road mobile now connect open play store search here are Dino droid ard you Ino, dr o yd open the software install this and open already know detroit software. Now, click here for menu option, click, setting button click, board, type click hard. You know mega mega 80k from here now, click again for menu, option, click, a sketch click library example, click servomotor, serve option; click sweep now check. This sketch attach attach servo motor to pin number 9, attach servo motor signal, pin for ends, pin orange, pin of sorrow motor attached to pin number 9 and attach the red wire into mega VCC 5 volt to VCC at romp in black pin for five hold a Pipe attach black pin for ground to our dear Omega Counting now compile this sketch from here it’s been compiling wait for few seconds. Till compilation finished now. Compilation finished upload this sketch from here click here for 4th click. Ok now, just like a protein, you can show sorrow. Motor is running now from 180 degree to 0 degree. Now disconnect your. I already know mecha and connect your Arduino, even OH click here for menu option, click, setting click power, type and click UN, Oh from here now compile this sketch and attach servo motor to pin number 9 disconnect this wire pin number nine iron attached, pin number nine And disconnect this wire and connect your original un o PCC and krumping now upload the sketch from here click here for port option click, ok, it’s, being uploading it’s showing error.

Don’T vary click again for upload buttons, now it’s being uploading, finished it’s running from 0 to 180 degree. Now disconnect your hard. You know you know and attach already know nano. You need a mini breadboard for Arduino Nano attach this nano enter. Your breadboard now describe the servomotor wire connect signal, pin into pin number nine of our Dino nano connect ground, pin to the crown nano connect, VCC pin into nano 5 volt. Now, click here for menu options, click setting click board, type and click already know. Nano ch3 for 0g now compile this sketch from here, it’s been compiling there for few second till compilation finished now upload the sketch from here click, comb and click. Ok, it is being uploading now Saro motor is running now from 0 to 180 degree. Now disconnect your Dino UN hard. You know nano and connect your already. No micro, you need a mini breadboard for Arduino micro, attach micro into your platform and connect your micro into your with your mobile. Now, click here for menu option, click, setting click, ball type and select Arduino micro now compile. This is cash from here. Wait for few! Second, and attach your servo motor signal, pin into pin number 9 of micro and BCC to fivefold and crump into crumbs. Compilation finished now then upload this sketch from here click. Here, click! Ok, as you should be reset of your micro, your micro connect, a jumper wire to this head, pin and connect second wire to the ground.

Pin for one second and describe this file reset is completed click here, then click, ok, it’s being uploading now disconnect your micro and connect again, your servo motor is running now from 0 to 180 180 degree. You can change this position from you. Can change 180 to 90 degree change here? 90. Degree. Click here for comparison. You should be so scared from here click here, new file type, any vision. You want server click here for sale, now, compilation, finished click here for upload click here for port click. Ok, you should recite your micro every time for upload your sketch attach preset and ground pin for one. Second click here: again: click! Ok, this sketch is being uploading now disconnect your micro and connect again it’s running now from 0 to 90 degree.


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RT @programarfacilc: El que no tiene plantas en su casa ya no es porque no tenga tiempo para cuidarlas, es porque no quiere. Mira este proy…

Program this Arduino kit to automatically water your plants

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  1. How to make servo motor rotate 90 degree to 0 degree with a button. or voice controlled
    if i press button it should go 0 to 90 degree.
    again if i press button it should go 90 to 0 degree.
    i need your help, in making IRONMAN Helmet face plate opening and closing.
    this is my Gmail :

    1. Not the same…
      They have different properties…
      But all of them are usable in minor projects….
      Some have Ethernet ports as well…..some don’t have ports to insert male jumper wires….some need to be soldered a little like mini…

  2. Хорошая работа! И даже без перевода всё понятно. Благо дарю!
    Good job! And even without a translation, everything is clear. I give the benefit!

  3. Vi me aap ka avari hu me aap se Ek mdad Lena chahta hu me Jyada padha likha Nahin Hai Hai Mujhe a engraving laser machine ka software Arduino mein Kaise program Kiya jata he aap hme Hindi me btayeye Vi

  4. hi, if you don’t mind…
    can you make a tutorial for SLA printer using this method….???
    yeah.. its just my idea.. dont know how to do…
    Thank you…


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