Chat GPT is the AI chat tool which give answer to your questions. Not only this but chat GPT right code for you in any language. So in this video we will try to write code for Arduino and chat GPT, and we will see how accurate chat GPT is in writing code for Arduino projects. After opening the chat GPT, you will have this type of screen. We start with a very basic trying to Blink LED connected to Arduino at Pin 5.. Here we are asking chat, GPT to write Arduino code to Blink, LED lets, see chat, GPT will provide code or not Music wow its amazing to see chat. Gpt is writing code. It writing not only code. It also gives explanation about the code, its really amazing. Now we will copy this code and passed it in Arduino IDE in uploading. The code and wow code is working perfectly LED started blinking, but this is very basic code. Lets try something more difficult task for chat GPT. This time we ask Shack GPT to write code to control, LED brightness with potentiometer chat, GPT started writing code and I am sure this code will also works. Fine lets copy and paste and upload the code to Arduino board and boom C code works. We are able to change brightness of LED with the help of potentiometer till now. Chad GPT is passing our test now its time for some serious task lead. We will ask Chad GPT to write Arduino code to run Servo motor and, as usual, chat GPT provide code in no time Music, foreign Music.

Oh my God see its Works seriously chat, GPT going to be a game changer and we will not stop here. Lets try something more difficult and interesting, so hold on with us. Okay game became serious now its tough time for GPT. This time we will last chat GPT to write code for the 0.96 inch OLED display, hey chat, GPT Reid, Arduino code for us to display hello world on 0.96 inch OLED display. Yes, sir, here is your code Music. Let now upload code to Arduino foreign ly. Very smart. Thank you, sir Hume, but we will not let you go easily. You know how a world text is very small. Please make it large. Some human can read it. Okay, as you wish, sir, replace this new code with old one and you have enlarged text, foreign texts are bigger. Now I must say you are very intelligent, Chad, GPT. Thank you, sir anything else. I can help you in yes. Yes, why not? After all, we hardly get your login lets. Do something Dynamic like run 0 to 10 counter on OLED display and reset the counter after reaching 10.. Okay, sir, here is the code for 0 to 10 counter with 0.5 second delayed, and it will automatically reset after reaching 10. foreign. I am uploading the code to Arduino Music wow, amazing. It works hold on hold on what is this counter getting reset after nine but its supposed to reset after 10.? I caught your mistake, chat, GPT hahaha.

Do the changes as I am suggesting Music. I make mistakes and Id also admit it, giving you a modified code. Upload it and keep focus on your work, Music, Music, foreign. I think you are losing your temper and thanks now at work as I want Music. Now I am going to give you one more difficult task: display the temperature and humidity data from dht 11 sensor to OLED display. Listen, there is nothing difficult in it. For me, here is the code for temperature and humidity data to display on OLED. Okay. Let me upload the code to Arduino and well see it work or not. Amazing, amazing. Its Works. Chet GPT, you are awesome, listen dont! Try to butter me just tell. If anything else can I do for you cat GPT. I want to tell you something: like you are expert in writing code. There is company who is expert in PCB manufacturing. Can you guess it? Yes? Yes, you are right its They are offering four six and eight layer PCB in just two dollars. Also free PCB assembly, not only this, they are also offering 3D printing services in very affordable rates. Yes, you are saying right its amazing and Worth to try jlc PCB Services. They are very awesome. I recommend you all to try jlc PCB services, see I have this PCB manufactured from jlc PCB. You have to write Arduino code to run two steper motor 360 degree, one by one Music.

Here is the Arduino code to run two steper motor connect, the stepper motor to the PCB power up the PCB and your stepper motor will run 360 degree one by one chat: GPT youre, amazing youre, my favorite tool. Now. Thank you. Thank you. Stupid dont get over excited. You are using me till I am free once you have to pay money to use me, it will take out of you, so I am leaving now. I have many other important work to do.