arduino 8×8 matrix snake game


We are going to need the joystick module, the eight by eight dot matrix LED module, the arduino uno, the breadboard and a cup of java oil to solve it. We want to wire the red, the arduino and the bridge put together. The first way that we want to put would be from the 5 volt, peeled on the arduino on to the positive rail of the breadboard. Then the next one I want to put you there from the ground field on the Arduino to the negative rail of the breadboard that we want to wire in the advantages of matrix module onto the Arduino and breadboard. We are going to need 5 jumper wires that I will do comes from the dot matrix over 8. So is the module right well from the right to the left? The 30 pin on the module will be the VCC which is going to be wired to the positive rail of the breadboard. The next wire will be. The ground is g ND on the module to the negative rail of the breadboard. The 13 in a row will be this deal or the digital feed in that is going to be why I want to the on to pin number 8 of the arduino the disappear. The next one will be CS, pin which is located on the module, which is going to be wired on to pin number 9 on the Arduino disobedience. The last one will be from the club team, which is located on the module which is going to be class on the pin number 10 on the nitrogen.

This completes the wiring of the 8×8 dot matrix module. Now we want to connect the joystick onto the Arduino and the board right. We are going to use the ground, pin the 5 volt pin the X and y axis pins, so we are going to need 4 wires that are going to be hopeful to be joystick and connected to the breadboard and the Arduino. So the first wire is going to be connected, which is the ground is going to be connected to the negative rail of the breadboard. The next wire is going to come from the 5 volt to involve in joystick, which is going to be connected onto the positive rail of the breadboard. Now the next two pins, which are going to be pitch x and y, we are going to connect the X X that is pin onto the page 0 or the analog pin on the breadboard. The last pin, which is going to be coming from the Y X, is on the joystick is going to be connected to the a0, the einer of a1 or the analog pin 1 on the arduino. This connects the the connection for the module 8 by 8 module and the joy state. The next thing that you want to do is to go on to my website in upload the program that you’ll find that if everything is wired correctly, you are going to use the data is 9 volt battery or you are going to connect it through your computer And you should work Music.


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  1. Hello, nic video, from which country are you?I do upload tutorials videos too weekly on my channel, check it out(and why not *SUBSCRIBE*)..This tutorial is pretty amazing and i think you should consider bringing it to the next level like why not use it to code the Nokia Snake game..Wiating to hear from you…

  2. Use this code, it has corrected buttons for the joysick//
    int UD = 0;
    int LR = 0; //Setting up controller//
    #include “LedControl.h” // need the library
    LedControl lc=LedControl(8,10,9,1); //10 is to CLOCK, 9 = CS, 8=DIN//
    void setup() {
    lc.shutdown(0,false); // turn off power saving, enables display
    lc.setIntensity(0,8); // sets brightness (0~15 possible values)
    lc.clearDisplay(0); // clear screen
    void loop() {
    UD = analogRead(A0);
    LR = analogRead(A1);
    char x_translate = map(LR, 1021, 0, 0, 7); //This maps the values//
    char y_translate = map(UD, 1021, 0, 0, 7);

    Serial.print(“UD = “);
    Serial.print(UD, DEC);
    Serial.print(“, LR = “);
    Serial.print(LR, DEC);
    Serial.print(“, x = “);
    Serial.print(x_translate, DEC);
    Serial.print(“, y = “);
    Serial.println(y_translate, DEC);
    // not in shutdown mode
    delay(150); //adjust delay to get your joystick correct//


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