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All these are actually the narrow pixels, but basically addressable LEDs the ws2812. I think there are something like that anyway, I’ve got 600 of these. Now I was wondering what to do with it. Do with them to actually connect them know. If you can see you connect a common 5 volt common ground and you got digital in digital out, so I think I’m going to make an LED matrix of 600 LED matrix, but lining these up and solder and all of them together, it’s just he’s not going To it’s not going to take 5 minutes, I oft of them the right way as well, so I know I’m stupid but I’m going to do it. 400 LEDs. I have just soldered he’s, just taking me to of ours today, that I was going to do 600, but I really lost the will to live in a bottle. Oh so you’re not going to see the back anyway, because it’s going to be imagine on a piece of hardboard or plywood or something 400 le teeth. I’Ve done some stupid things, but, oh god, this is from the other side. If you can see they’re not perfectly in line not far off I’m, not doing it again. Well, I’ve got a simple script running through it, so that works. Okay, I’ve got a couple of a couple of the LEDs, actually go. Faulty actually faulty I’ll fit in one of them was given a very, very blue on white, so I’ll replace those are pretty easy to replace so that’s.

Just a simple test. The only the only trouble arrived is the current drain I’m you’re talking core and I’m just with just with that, displaying so we’ll see I’ve temporarily mounted it on a on a piece of art board and chip plywood, sorry just to keep it safe now. The reason why I’ve actually done it in two halves when it was easier and number two is because of the power a stripper 40y by five high up she drools about three and half amps when it’s on white. So I need to be ECS basically so now I’ll just turn that light off now. This is only on it’s at 100 out of 255, which is probably 50 brightness. So if I plug it in Moe and that’s all it, you can’t really see it so it’s. Just cycling through colors in a minute, um I’ve got a load more to do to it with the the programming side of it. You know quite quite happy. I don’t know water, and this is our famine there. But if you, if I’m, not little too full, you just tell me the the BAC actually gets it’s getting quite warm already.


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Large 8×8 LED Matrix Display

RGB Table Project – Fireplace



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  1. First of all nice work! Why it’s consume 0.60 Amps? Or why 1,000 amps for 480k leds? 1000/480k = 2mA per led? I thought each consume 60mA when full brightness.

  2. Hi, good video! I produce a compact LED controller and softwere for the animation of such LED Matrix. You can see it on my channel.

  3. I took two years but we finally watched this one. Jon has got 60 element strip and is trying to program a teensy to make a light show. thanks for the vid! Tony, you kind of sound like Marvin the depressed robot from Hitchhikers Guide on some days. Marvin is a prototype for the GPP feature. People say I sound like Hank Hill sometimes, not sure why 🙂

    1. I’ve never watched Hitchhikers Guide but I’ll have to watch it now. Looking at the video I’ve just seen, you’re right, I do sound like him!
      Some people say I’ve got the same temperament and sound the same as Jack Dee (another British comedian) but I don’t see it myself….. I don’t know where they get it from 😀
      Good luck with the Teensy and strip, Dave. It’s easy if you follow the examples but you’ll be driven to suicide if you try anything else like I (stupidly) did.

    2. I think Jon needs WS2812 teensy 3.2 examples but is having trouble finding any.
      He wonders if he needs the 74HCT245 or similar buffer chip to get the voltage from 3.3v to 5v.

    3. I used an Arduino Nano because of the 5v signal output – it’s much cheaper and you don’t need level shifters.

  4. I just finished soldering 1400 of these in a 20×70 matrix. Can you post some detail about how to power these and how I separate segments because of the current drawn by this large amount of lights? I also don’t know what I will need as a controller for this amount of lights. Please help. I have a crapload of hours in this as a gift for my fiance, and I have literally “Lost My Will To Live”. You need to get shirts made up, by the way. You totally own that phrase now.

    1. WOW, 1400? You must be on the edge of suicide by now! 🙂
      For power, I calculate how much a certain amount of LED’s at full brightness and displaying white takes. e.g. I’ve got some 5v 5amp regulators – Each LED is 0.06 amps which means I can drive 83 LED’s with one 5 amp regulator. I simply detach the power (but leave the data connected) at LED 80 (to be safe) and connect the power to that segment of LED’s. Either that or get an 84a power supply to drive all of the 1400 you have. Sadly I can’t find an 84a power supply but I have found a 70a ……
      A 70 amp power supply will be OK because you’ll never have all LED’s at 100% brightness and displaying white.
      I use an Arduino Nano to drive them but literally any Arduino will be fine. Theoretically, you can drive 65535 LED’s with a single Arduino.
      As for the shirts…… I think I might just do that. I don’t know how many times I’ve said it now 😀

    1. You’re correct, there are no resistors. They aren’t the same as using normal LED’s because they’re digital and there’s no resistors needed.

  5. I’ve been looking around for motivation to put together an LED Christmas tree. I figure if you can solder 400 individual LEDs I can put a few strips on a board. Well done!

  6. I have a LED martrix that consists of 7 rows of WS2812’s. Do you know of an easy program that can handle these like the Vixen program? There’s gotta be an easier way than having to hand code each function.

  7. Noting the Truth! It’s a tough Love. I have a project of 300 coming up. Thanks for the hint about testing the modules prior to soldering it all together.

    1. You don’t need to test them – the LED itself is quite easy to replace once it’s all assembled. You leave the base part and simply unsolder the square LED.
      Good luck with it….. I’m already feeling your pain 🙂

  8. If you power the Neopixels from a separate 5v supply capable of handling the amperage, then the controller only only needs to have the GND and Data lines connected to work.


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