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Wed Aug 06 10:07:43 +0000 2008

Ja vel da.
1. First language: Turbo Pascal
2. Had difficulties: C for 8051
3. Most used: Excel functions, fight me
4. Totally hate: Perl
5. Most loved: c for arduino
6. For beginners: Micro:bit MakeCode

Guides on 8051, PIC16F877A & Arduino Projects for INVENTORS

Engineering students’ projects on Arduino, PIC16F877A & 8051



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  1. Good video, but you gave no reason to move to PIC other than “you’ve mastered Arduino”. You also missed that you can program the ATMEL MC on an Arduino with assembler and even bit bash the registers and low level stuff just like on the PIC. Arduino does not have to be high level C stuff. So again, no compelling reason. The development tools are more expensive also.

  2. I think that Arduino it’s a excellent idea, it can be used by everyone from high school children to artists who haven’t any electronics, digital systems or computer architecture knowledge. Development boards for MCU aren’t new, the first DevBrd that I worked was the DTT-51 made by Steve Ciarcia for Byte Magazine in 1988.

    And it’s the same configuration of an Arduino: A 8031 MCU with a Bootloader who receive the program serially, and a PCB that allow the user to connect the MCU to the real world. Easy thing for an engineering student or professional, but not for the students of the Interaction Design Institute IVREA in Italy, where “in 2003 Hernando Barragán created the development platform Wiring as a Master’s thesis project at IDII, under the supervision of Massimo Banzi and Casey Reas, who are known for work on the Processing language.”

    The main ideas behind Arduino are: Free, Easy & Cheap; Open-Source hardware, GNU cross-platform IDE (written in Java) and based on AVR GNU Toolchain, hundreds of libraries to extend the software functionality (you don’t need to know how to write a device driver to interfase external hardware), and most important: It was developed for Designers and Artists. That is why is used by everyone.
    I’m totally agree with you, to use the PIC, AVR or ARM microcontrollers, you must study, experiment, use the trial-error method to debug, learn to use a lot of tools – but that’s the way used by engineers.

    The choice depends on what do you want to do, and what is your background. I’m agree that Arduino is for beginners and not for electric/electronics/mechatronics engineers (students or professionals), because it was made for users that DON’T need to speak binary.

  3. I have worked on avr microcontroller I understood the concepts but every time I start programming I have to again search for datasheet. Is it good to use libraries available on net and then use them?

    I want to get a job as embedded developer.

  4. احسنت
    it was a good demonstration despite the fact that you didn’t talk about performance comparison of the two . specially their performance in noisy places which I think pic does a better job at it. thank you

  5. I thought you were going to compare them in terms of performance. which one is faster, larger processing speed and larger memory?

  6. There is no second microcontroller on the Arduino board. The one microcontroller(AVR) is pre-programmed with a boot loader that uses RS232 serial communication to download and self program the flash memory. Newer boards have an FTDI chip which is only an RS232 to USB converter and can not program the AVR chips.

  7. Either you compare PIC Microcontrollers with AVR controllers (used in the arduino Uno) or compare Microchip with Arduino.

    Arduino is a platform. They create board and write tools for them. You can have an arduino with a pic controller inside.

    1. @SiberNext There is not such a thing as a diluted version of C++. Arduino removed the standard libraries because obviously a course, you are compiling on a controller.

  8. If you want to work with the PIC microcontroller and you do not want to use the C-programming language and if you want to have some basic libraries you can have a look at the JAL (Just Another Language) programming language. This language looks more like Pascal. For more information see:

  9. would it not be better to say that Arduino is a development system (platform) using a micro-controllers. i seen some other videos and it sound very strange when people Arduino in not a micro-controllers, but later they say it is using a micro-controller, its like saying my family car is not a car its just a chunk of metal that takes the kids to school every day. sounds very retarded, to say Arduino in not a micro-controllers.
    was a VZ200 a computer or a micro computer every one knows it was a 8-bit home computer, that’s how it was seen, it had its own platform.


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