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So some of these that I’ve ordered have come without the pins connected or soldered in which actually can be a good thing, because if you’re trying to fit these in a really small space, you don’t necessarily want the pins connected. And then you can solder your wires directly on here, but most of the time I do want my pins connected, so I can switch them out. So I figured out a technique that works fairly well for me that I thought I’d just share with you just in case you’re like me when I was just getting started and unsure of how to do it so first, what you want to do is, if you Have one just slide the pro mini pins into a breadboard and then set your pro mini on top of the pins, so they just sit on there, nice and straight. If you don’t have a breadboard, you may be able to use a PCB board like this and just set it in there as well that’s. What I actually usually do, because my breadboard is usually full of wires. Okay. Next, what I’ll do is I’ll just set my soldering iron right on this gold colored pin here just to let heat up for just a minute and then I’ll just place my solder on there after it’s heated up and then just continue on down onto each pin. Make sure you get enough solder on there, so the pin is connected to the board I’ve actually put or not put enough on there occasionally and then my connections obviously don’t work.

You just want to make sure you get enough on there to connect the pin to your pro mini if you’ve. If you don’t have enough on you on any one pin, you can just go back and just add a little bit more so make sure you inspect it. Have a nice even drop on there and just spin it around and do the other side the same way. So my pro mini came with straight and curved pins for this set of connections up here, so it just choose which best applies to you: I’m, going to choose the curved ones here. It might actually shipped with the little plastic piece incorrectly attached. So I need to flip these pins around so I’m, just going to pull out of the plastic and then put the plastic piece on this. The shorter angled pins here, okay, so now that I’ve switched out my pins. What I found the easiest way to do. This is just to flip it upside down like that place it in there loosely and then just solder, one of the pins in and then you can get the angle down after you have one of them soldered in so then I just kind of bend it with My finger being careful not to touch the pendulum, soldering get the angle.


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Step 13.1- Use a support for soldering 6 pin male bent header

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  1. Thanks for putting this nicely detailed video. I have zero experience with electronics, and it really helps seeing how this is done. I am trying to build a push button mp3 player for my toddler (this is to avoid too much screen time), and I’m hoping it comes out. Again, super helpful. Thanks so much!

  2. Nice! Do you have any tips for removing them now 🙂

    I soldered on some 7 segment displays onto an Adafruit LED backpack and because of the uneven pins they sit crooked and obviously didn’t notice it until I finished all of them…

  3. I’m in a bind.
    The US trade war means we have counter-tariffs. That means high import taxes for private citizens. Each individual parcel gets slapped with a minimum $10 fee.
    My old soldering iron broke. I have a hot air soldering station. Can I solder Arduino pins with hot air, or will that break something? (Or should I spend $40 on a new iron?)

    1. Mine is a Weller WLC100 and has variable power control for 5-40 watts. I never turn it up to max power though. It is too hot if I do.

  4. I’m about to attempt this soldering on a Rx I bought, thanks for the advice and demo 🙂
    and it’s said……. SOL- DER SOL-DER, 🙂 I’m surprised you spell it correctly but American ‘s DESTROY the pronunciation! all in good fun 🙂 thanks again for the instruction and vid 🙂

  5. İ need a quick answer please , if i use arduino mini without soldering , will it work ? İ mean just pin to the breadboard as you did but without soldering . We ve got a sensor and i dont know if i need soldering , please

    1. If the pins aren’t already soldered it will be hard to make it work. You might be able to do it if you put pressure on the pins so they make contact with the holes in the pro mini.

    1. I have never had an issue burning anything. I recently got a new soldering iron that has a digital temp setting and I keep it at 640 degrees F. That seems to work very well.

    1. Ha! Thanks. Not sure what the solder is. It was a gift that I’ve had for years so I’m not sure where it came from. Standard solder should work though.


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