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I’M back, I have a small little package from China today. This was sent by air again. This is something with a little wish symbol, so we’re gon na check out their website again, once I’m done with this, and this is what I was sent – it’s a power converter, you put a positive and negative battery below five volts and then it’s going to charge With a USB type of connection so I’m going to set this up I’m going to solder in some leads, I do have a single 186 five, oh battery case and I’ll use a battery like this and see if we can get this to give supply some juice To a cell phone, so I’ll talk to you later thanks, so I have a solder, soldering gun and some solder. This is what I’ll be using to connect the wires to the breadboard thanks, everyone. I’M back, so I did a quick soldering job. I put the wires in, and this is my battery and when I put the battery in this little LED glows and I’ll, try it with a battery pack to see if it works back again and I plugged in a battery bank. So it looks like from this one little uh cell I’m charging up the rest of the pack here, looks like it’s working okay and for 99 cents, that’s, probably a pretty amazing thing to have delivered right to your door. It works, soldered up, ready to go, and that makes a mini little phone charger.


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Barn door tracker – control system

LED lighting board


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