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This will be my side, rail. I have these wheels from rollerskates. I got these for like 6 bucks, they come with 16 bearings, so I was just going to use a bearing single like this, but then I decided why not just use the wheels as well. What I’m thinking is this and here we’re, looking at it from the side that I’m thinking the two wheels on top one wheel on the bottom and then have two more wheels here on the side like so it’ll roll smoothly, hopefully so here’s? What I got so far, I just love how smooth this is and by the way, there’s no play here, no play that’s how it’s going to roll like that I’m going to have my single wheel down here then I’m going to have this thing like this it’s, A little bit of a gap and then I’m going to have my two wheels like so and then eventually I’ll just weld these two together, there’s my mark, so that works pretty well, I mean it’s, just perfect that’s what we want with the C and C I’m Going to use this template just now, I can just drill the other side there. Okay. Well, that gives me my board. The holes are going to be on the other side, so I’m just going to go ahead and lock them like this. These bearings are called highway. Fox and that’s in case you wan na, maybe take this on my highway safe enough right, I’m, going to add two more nuts in the wheels then two more nuts on the outside and two more nuts.

I think I got enough fuck, I don’t know well I’m gon na need more nuts lightly, like that the sausage obviously I’m gon na have some. You know, join these two together real welding, but check it out guys it’s coming out pretty good. I really like that. There’S no play on these guys. Look at that that’s, a really nice Wow, very cool, guys so I’m setting this up. So I can weld these two pieces together. I have this clamp down here, just to make sure these wheels are flat. Applicants this side same over here, so this is nicely clamp not too hard because I don’t wan na I don’t want to have this, be you know super stiff, but I also don’t want any play at all. I want to do this sort of deal, but what kind of slit here little thing like that? You that’s how it’s going to go there just like that. A lot of day in Austin Texas got a couple camp trails on that beautiful day now check this out. Guys its I mean it works really well, this absolutely no play, and this thing when you like it’ll, even stayed this way we’ll see if the stepper motor can handle it is it’s a little stiff, maybe I’ll back out on the clamps on the next one. I just loosen this nut over here and and the wheel just sort of dropped and now it’s like very smooth here sort of temporarily.

I want to attach these to this, just clamp them down just to see how it behaves. I have these sort of parallel elbows and it rolls guys I’m pretty easy to move to. I think the lease crew will have no problems. On top of this it’s going to be my actual work surface, this will roll underneath it. The lead screw will probably go here somewhere, so I just set up a little temporary rig with the acne lead screw, and I just have this – you know be supplied with there with a hole just to make sure that’s a wobble like that and magnets it’s, pretty Good look at that. This is how big it’s going to be at the end it’s. Basically, four four by four the work surface is going to be smaller. I’Ve just spent a long time making sure that everything is level here. I tried different levels, obviously measure four one into the other, just making sure we’re that square mmm. So some of these tubes are, you know, they’re, not sitting perfect.


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A modular, Arduino Mega-controlled delta robot for your desktop.

This interactive floor recalls the precariousness of standing on an icy surface, enhanced with imagery, sounds and physical dynamics.


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