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I’ve been great., Its been like 2 months since … HOOO Huh, What the … I’m, not about that life, anymore. ltThe, MIDI, Fadergt. What the heck is this Oh …, That’s poop., Definitely poop., I need this.. Is it dark in here It’s dark in here. Better., Quick test., Oh dear it’s, seems like we have poop in the tracks. Ha Electrical contact, cleaner, Cleans electrical contacts, connectors and switches, Awww …, yeahhhh …. Now the idea here is to take all these sliders put them closer together and build a midi, fader box., Basically a digital mixer. One where I can plug into my computer and manipulate all the knobs and fancy stuff in my digital audio, workstation …. By the way, the audio program that I always use in all my videos is called FL Studio.. Now then let’s go design. The thing in 3DS MAX., Chamfer box, Shell, Too much shell., Make a box, Make a cylinder Array: More cylinders, Boolean Photoshop, Fancy logo, Import, fancy logo, Shell, Screw holes, Check alignment, Ahhhh., It’s done.. Now you might be wondering why 3DS MAX, Why not cardboard? Oh, my god did Evan finally get a 3D printer. Well, let me take this moment to tell you a few things about our supplier.. The 3D printer you see today was in fact sponsored in part by … My tax dollars, because the rest of it was yours That 3D printer. Right there. Is mine.. I found it first. Don’t you take that away from me.

It’s ready. Why is it so warped Way, too lazy to mount all these things onto a perfboard …? Ah, These are the ugliest knobs I ever seen.. Every one of these potentiometers will give us an analog value through one of these lines, provided that we give it power here and here.. Now I saw some comments asking if we can do a USB MIDI instead of 5 pin MIDI. So that’s exactly what we’re gon na do. This is an Arduino Pro Micro.. This chip supports USB HID, so with it we can make a USB MIDI, Device. Uh, oh …, slight miscalculation.. The Pro Micro only has 7 analog pinouts.. The micro, on the other hand, has 12. One … two.. three …. We have 12 analog inputs. I’ll hold on to that. Ahh. These are analog multiplexers. For the cost of 3 digital pins and 1 analog. Pin we get an additional 8 analog, pins. HOOAH Crisis averted. I really don’t like USB micro, ports. They’re super flimsy. You can never find them in the dark and when you do, you don’t know which way it goes. We’re, using a USB B, port. Let’s plug it in and upload the code.. Ah, There is one thing we have to be aware: of., Since we did salvage these pots from an analog equipment chances are. These pots are going to be log, tapered., Meaning the output of these wiper pins are not going to change linearly. Slider position, minimum maxium.

, Wiper pin output, 0 100. Here’s, the output of a linear, pot. And here’s. The output of a log pot. Actually not entirely true.. Most log pots are actually two linear segments that somewhat approximate this curve. TADA. But the point is: log pots are used in analog gear because this curve mimics what we perceive as linear motion in sound. Demonstration., But that’s precisely the problem, We’re building a MIDI controller, which means we need these log pots to map linearly to MIDI values.. In other words, we need to turn this output into this output.. So to do that, we’re going to need to calibrate a little. Split this into equi distant segments like that., Then re interpolate, each segment back into one smooth, linear, output., TAAA. Just a recap: if you’re using linear pots, there’s no problem., But if you’re using log pots then see the code below. And that should be it Let’s go make some music.! Oh, why hello there.? If you want to build yourself a MIDI controller, just like this one, then everything you need is in the description box. Below. There’s, no YouTube annotations anymore.! If you want to see more MIDI debauchery, then check out this guy.. If you want to send Evanz to rehab, then check out this link.


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Sun Jun 15 16:42:59 +0000 2014

#arduino https://t.co/8RoACuvuBV I made a model of the Veterans Glass City Skyway bridge in Toledo, Ohio. Perfect integration of 3D Printing, bridge modelling, and Arduino. First controller base I’ve made too. There is a Nano , buttons, a pot, and a switch which control WS2812 …



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