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I have another unboxing for you today. So yesterday we picked up the Raspberry Pi 4 and unboxed the desktop kit and set it up, which was very exciting. I got very excited about the yeah it’s. The new Raspberry Pi for over here I’m still trying to mess around with that a little bit and get it set up, but I spent most of today editing video. So I thought that since I wasn’t getting that quite done in time, I thought instead we’d take open up this box which arrived while I was gone, that’s the teardown conference this weekend. So I have a suspicion about what’s inside here. I think it is a couple of new boards from Arduino but I’m, not totally sure so, let’s find out an interesting thing actually before I even open. This is that, on the end it says Arduino, dot CC and Arduino to org like together. At last I mean I know that they sort of made up a while ago, but it’s so kind of interesting to see both of their names or URLs on here times have changed. I think it’s for the best. I love how they have their own custom tape. We should get our own custom. You take for your texture winter packages, mostly, we just send some to people when they win contests. Oh, my anything goes fancy that actually, funnily enough uh, alright go here. One second: you can you can look at that one well there in a way for a second, I wrongly assumed that I could find something in the office, so naive, uh huh.

I actually have one of these right. One of the Arduino booth when they first were unveiling. This would be DeFeo Defiant, designed this amazing sort of fortune teller device that you could use to win any of various Arduino merch and I got a cap. But now I have another one you’ll give this one away to somebody at a conference or something I covered it in a bunch of stickers and patches and stuff animal pens from really cool makers that I met there. So like look at this, though haha I still love the Hat. Thank you very much. The wonderful Hat so let’s see. We do indeed have what I was expecting to find inside of here. We’Ve got the Nano 33 iot board and the arduino nano every board. So this one is sort of an upgrade to your standard nano and this one beefs it up a ton with Wi, Fi and bluetooth. So let’s take a look at the specs. If I have the right page up, yes, good, those are the Nano every board. This fella right here has it goes for about ten dollars and you can’t order it quite yet sorry, I think it gets released in late June, but you can find the specs already following the link in the description to this video as per usual, and this small Robust and powerful board has the same classic. Nano footprint loved worldwide and we’ll show you an example of that in a second, it can be programmed with the easy to use Arduino IDE, available, offline and online.

In case you weren’t already aware there is an online arduino ide. If i can pull it up, I think I cleared all my bookmarks and stuff, but um you can find it on the Arduino site and it’s really useful. If you are having, for example, I only really use the own online, our Arduino IDE, if I’m having problems programming, something from the desktop. I can’t figure out why there’s some weird error, with one of my libraries that’s blocking everything like I was having these problems with the Wi Fi like yeah library, for a while. I didn’t know why I fixed it eventually, but in the meantime I was able to use the online our new IDE, which already has a ton of this stock libraries installed and kept up to date automatically, which is really beautiful. And then you can keep a lot of your code in one central repository but yeah let’s open this up. It’S got its based on the atmega 48 onine AVR processor, and it also has its md 11 ARM Cortex and 0 plus chip, which is just acting as a high performance USB to serial converter. But it says that you can reprogram it. If you have the skills you can reprogram it to be a sort of extra boost for the board to give yourself more capabilities, but it’s kind of cool. So you can get it either with headers mounted or not. Did you do and a fun thing about both of these new boards is that they have.

I just flip this. The sticker opening this up. They both have a header pitch configuration that that’s just something just some film check this out. Oh the focus for you. It has both some little solder, Abul header sockets, where you can add on headers, and then you can stick this into a breadboard and work with it that way directly in fact, it’s so narrow that it would be really nice and easy to fit it right down. The center of a breadboard and not have to worry about having only like one or two pins on each side, you know that’s a huge pain, so he’ll have plenty of space to work with this very bread friendly, but also it’s got these castellated edges. So you have not just the header sockets, but also the castellated edges, and what that enables is that you can, since it’s got this flat back on it. Oh, I really love how those traces look. It’S very Art, Deco haha anyway, with that flat back and the castellated edges. That means that you can easily attach it to another board and have this kind of be the brain on top of some other board that you’re creating making it very embeddable, very friendly for surface mounted stuff, very cool there’s, your Atmel chip, like a forty eight, oh Nine, nice and beefy, you got your little reset button. I’M curious, oh here’s. Your LED is that on pin D 13, as you know, they just put it over here.

This is pin compatible with the original nano, as is the other one that we’re about to take a look at. Oh look it’s just a little little translucent section interesting this right here, I’ll hold it up to the light nope it’s, just uh appears to be engraved or something oh wait. No, that it’s interesting! Actually, I haven’t looked at a ton of boards and how they’re put together for PCB art stuff. You can tell it there’s a copper sort of plane underneath the solder mask there, giving it this dimensionality that you can see. All these traces are etched into the copper plane and then the solder mask itself also is removed or not applied to give those little. I think those are standard, certifications interesting anyway, probably way more than you wanted to know about this, but yeah that’s, the Arduino Nano. Every very cute – and you can find the info again linked in the description to this video. You can find also the tech specs, which are also printed on the box. Here you got, the chip is the atmega. Forty eight or nine o’clock is 20 megahertz, 48 kilobytes flash memory six by osram USB spy. I squared C in UART interfaces. We’Ve got five volts input over USB six to 21 volts input, V n, interesting Wow. You couldn’t handle a lot can’t. You ha um 5 volts operating voltage, 14 digital pins, 16 PWM capable pins. Yes, they can run like six separate neopixel strips or something like that, and this seems, like it’s gon na, be tough enough to handle that and be able to drive six neopixel strips at a time, so that’d be really fun for you, cosplayers out there and other Other visual nerds or servos or whatever or like audio stuff.

You know all kinds of stuff you can do with PWM eight analog pins and then the dimensions are 18 by 45 millimeters let’s get to the other one because I’m impatient, and I just want to open boxes all day. I wish I wish. I could tell you that all I do all day is sit around and open boxes, but I do a ton of video editing, an email, all right, classic Arduino stickers included in here. I think we’ve already got a bunch of these on our wall of stickers. Besides the huge Arduino public store, we’ve got the DIY one little Arduino one little hearts for open source, so good um, and then we have this. Thank you for supporting Arduino is a probably all your sort of warranties and stuff yeah, also known as confetti. Everyone else. Has already left the office uh or we don’t make our family interesting. Why aren’t you talking about the Arduino maker family in the Nano box well might as well there’s some really cool stuff in here. I do have this guy, the maker Fox 1200. However, it only really works in that you right now, so I can’t use it in California anyway. There’S a sort of limited range on that make her one. Thirteen hundred adding Laura you’ve got the maker gsm 1404 cellular maker and B 1504 narrowband IOT very exciting that’s. Not as far as I can tell it, hasn’t been hugely adopted widely yet but I’m looking forward to seeing more product projects around that on hacks are soon and then the maker, video or 4000, which I really need to get to.

We have one of those and it’s gotten a few yeah. I think they were working on improving your programming options for that, and I really want that to happen because it’s you can plug in a camera to this r2, the maker veto 4000 Arduino and do image processing on it and run video through it like what it’s Ridiculous, hey our periodic freak out about the video 4000. So here is number two: it is the Arduino Nano 33 IOT board, let’s open this bad boy. Up, specs you’ve got Wi, Fi and and ble 4.2, so yeah that’s. Those are the big things on here. You’Ve got two kinds of wireless connectivity, hence the IOT name. Then you’ve got an apt sandy 21 on there, 48 megahertz clock, comparing that’s. You know like two and a half times the other one memory. 256 kilobytes 32 kilobytes of SRAM you’ve got the same interfaces except that you also have nice us about the vaguely similar other ones. Operating voltage is 3.3 volts instead of 5 volts, and then you have the same number of each type of pin and the same dimensions. Cool let’s open this up small, powerful, efficient and IOT connected every project matters. Do these projects not matter they do ok, small and powerful. Every project matters so cute all right, ok and the nice thing is these actually come with headers, so you can install them yourselves, plus you’ve still got little mounting holes on here.

Actually on both of these. Not only do you have all the pins, but you also have mounting holes so that you can easily connect it to enclosures and whatever you have your little? U blox module giving you wireless connectivity, the same types of pin connections, little sockets for putting headers on for your breadboard, but then also you’ve got the castellated edges so that you can apply this to your own surface. Mount board huh yeah your certifications there and their FCC certified very nice so that you know, if you want to turn this into a product, then you I think, as far as I know, you don’t have to get it recertified if you’re, just using the wireless that’s. Already embedded on this arduino, which makes it really convenient for prototyping that kind of thing, and then you have the same pin arrangement, so both of these are pin compatible with the previous Arduino Nano which comes into play in a moment. What I’m gon na tell you about number three other things I was going to talk about tonight. Programmable air is a really cool, pneumatic, robotics platform from that’s now funding and crud supply, and if I can find it, then I will show you it. I think I have put the Box away somewhere wait. No here it is haha tada. So this is programmable air. It has an original Arduino net. Oh wait: v3 on it, and so, if you wanted, you could take this little guy and swap it out for one of these and then you’d have a Wi, Fi and Bluetooth enabled a pneumatic robot.

How cool would that be if you very cool that’s the answer, so this is in its last hours of funding on Cod supply. If you want it, you should pick it up now you can buy them a cup of mint tea or you can get one of the regular kits for 150 or deluxe kit for 175. That has extra connectors and stuff there’s tons of really interesting stuff going on. With this, actually, this Friday, I’m gon na share a video with its creator Amitabh, who is so fun and excited about everything and a bunch of cool demos that he had at teardown last week, because there’s all kinds of stuff, like a little inflatable, baymax that you Can use as an air pressure sensor or you can inflate and deflate stuff. I’Ve got some exciting plans about what to build for that um yeah. This is a very cool thing and and mmm the deluxe kit comes with an Arduino compatible nano thingamajig, a power supply micro, USB cord etc. But if you get the starter kit, then you can add your own or do we know nano power, supply and USB cord to get started, which means it could just plug one of these guys in from the get go. If you wait until the end of June – and I mean these these ship out in October – actually so you don’t have to wait anyway, you might as well get familiar with your nanos already and then prepare to upgrade your your programmable air.

When it comes, I love it when things sort of like synchronize, like that, so yeah, all together, we’ve got oh one other thing about the Arduino Nano. What was it called? 33 IOT? I always forget the numbers with these is that has a dedicated hardware, security chip, let’s, pull it up, it’s a micro chip, one called the a tech, eighty ECC 608 a and got the spec sheet for it pulled up. When is it here? Oh yeah, whoever gon na, tell me which, which chip it is on here, wins but yeah. So it’s a microchip chip and it’s got a cryptographic coprocessor or it is one with a secure hardware based key storage can store up to sixteen keys certificates or data and it’s encoding is Phipps SD 856 a looked at curve, diffie hellman, which I’m not sure. Yet quite how that works. It’S on my list to research there’s been a lot of interesting talk recently about post quantum cryptography. I saw a cool talk about it at Hardware: dot, IO, it’s, still a little bit out of my depth, but at least until there’s, common quantum computers around this should be pretty secure. Yeah, just don’t use it to build the quantum computer or else maybe you’ll shoot yourself in the foot there yeah. You can find the tech specs for this again linked in the description to this video just go to store da Arduino dot CC and look up the nano 33 IOT.

It only supports 3.3 volt iOS and is not 5 volt tolerant. So you can go with this sort of beefy really sort of sturdy, a robust one, the Nano every that doesn’t have wireless connectivity and cost about ten dollars, or you could go with the Nano 33 IOT, which is eighteen dollars and has both those kinds of wireless Connectivity and the hardware security, which I think should always go hand in hand with any wireless devices that are designed for IOT so that we don’t get another mirai nut whatever it is. I like IO T device, botnet, I’m sure there’s, a million of them out there. Anyway, but we do what we can so yeah you’ve got your Arduino Nano 33 iot board. You’Ve got your arduino nano every board, two little new friends, both breadboard friendly and custom circuit, friendly with their little little pins their birthday. And then you have your programmable air, which you can eventually upgrade with your shiny new Arduino as as soon as it, ships in October go back that it’s on crowd, supply, couldn’t, be supporting nicer people honestly, and you can check out the specs for that hardware. Security chip also linked actually not quite yet I’ll. Put that link in the description of the video as usual. Thanks for watching have an awesome rest of your regular Wednesday.


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