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First of all, open your favorite browser and search for Arduino, and the first result, which will appear here, will be the Arduino website. So this is the Arduino website, which is Arduino, dot, C C right so just enter into this website, and the first thing which will we will do here, is to download the Arduino executable right. So in this website we need to go to the downloads section. So just click download – and I can see here there is a Windows installer here, so I can just you know, install this using this windows installer. So just click Windows installer, which is going to download the executable file for the windows and in here, if you want to contribute because it’s open source project which will depend upon your contribution. So if you want, you can just give some of the dollars which you want, or otherwise you can just say just it download and you don’t want to contribute right, and this is going to you know, download this Arduino Windows, dot, exe file, so just wait for A download to complete it’s going to take around a few seconds to a minute to download it and after it will download, we are going to continue to install this arduino ide. Now, once the executable is downloaded, you just need to run it and once it runs, you just need to follow the instructions. So let me minimize my browser and i will wait for the installation to start first of all and this installation has been started so first run the control.

So just click yes here and in here just read the document and agreement and then just say I agree. We want to install all the things, just click Next, and this is the location where it will be installed, so just click install which is going to start the installation process of arduino ide now in between you will say some permissions. So if you want to give the permission or not, and then you just need to press ok in that situation, so let’s the let the process run and we will go step by step right, so it’s extracting all the things. So just wait for this to go to the 100, this progress bar and then we will continue. Ok, so now it says, would you like to install this device software for Arduino USB driver? You just need to click, install and then continue, and this time it against asks, and you just need to click install once again and now you can see the installation is complete. You will be able to see this message completed and then you can close this wizard and I can see on my desktop. Also, there is a arduino icon, which I can click, and this is going to start the arduino ide right. So just double click on this icon, and this is going to start this arduino ide and in here you just need to give the access to this software so just say: allow access and you can see the arduino ide – has been started now right now, in order To you know, connect or flash your arduino nem arduino, you just need to go to your folder explorer and then go to your pc and right click on your pc and then here click manage and in here.

First of all, you need to insert your arduino hardware and using this hardware, you will be able to connect to the arduino ide. Also so, first insert your hardware and this and in this computer management click device manager and when you have inserted your arduino hardware correctly, you will be able to see your arduino here under you, the ports right now i haven’t connected arduino ide, so I don’t see Any do we know, but when you connect your you know hardware correctly, then you will be able to see this arduino here and then you will be able to flash it using your arduino ide. So i hope you have enjoyed this video.


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