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I squared C OLED to come up with something on the display when connected to this clone Arduino Uno. This is the one with the ch3 40 usb to serial chip. So I’ve got these two I’ve got a four way: DuPont, connector, wire and I’ve got the USB lead that came with the Arduino Uno. Now this has come about because in my postbag 10 I featured the OLED there. It is at the end and who was it? Laghman said that OLED screen is really cheap. Please tell us quickly if it’s good, so that I can order it, and my reply was: I don’t think I can get this up and running quickly, but at three pound 77 it’s worth the punt. Well, perhaps I can get it up and running quickly now. In addition, kirti kirti says: if you read these three links, it’ll only take 15 minutes to get it to work. Well, okay: I’m! Not going to take the 15 minute challenge, but let’s see how long it does take and Joe Fraser and I may not have pronounced that right. Joe phrasing says it looks like it’s an SD 1306 SSD, 1306 that’s right. If it is, you can use the Adafruit library, which is there on github, so that’s. What I’m going to do so I’ve just done a generic search for SSD 1306. The first thing that comes up is a Adafruit PDF for the datasheet that’s great some images, but the third thing is the github library that Adafruit have put up, so that looks promising.

So here I am on github now I don’t really know how github works, but I know that if I press that button, I can see all the files – and there is indeed an example – SSD 1306 128 by 64. I squared see the third one down. So that looks like the one I want to use, but I think the place to start is oh it’s, not on this page, and you just go back is with the download zip button. So here it is on my desktop taken out of its zip folder let’s open that up and we have the H file the CPP file, an examples folder and in there we’ve got the four examples and, as I said, I want this one. 128. 64. I squared C so open up Picard. We know ID e and under stitch import, the library, add library, desktop it’s on and there’s the library, so let’s open that now I’m getting an error. It says the library Adafruit Master cannot be used, let’s see what the error is. It says the name is container any basic letters and numbers. I don’t remember happening this. This happening before I upgraded to Arduino one five, six for the Union, and this is beta software. So I’m, just going to rename the library folder so once again, add library desktop there’s. My shorter name, let’s open that library added to your libraries excellent. So now, if I look at examples and then right down the bottom, we’ve got the Adafruit SSD 1306, and that shows the four examples so let’s bring in the third one down.

So here it is it’s the 128 64 I squared C let’s just see if it verifies no we’re getting an error what’s that the has no member named fill circle. Hmm that’s a problem well that’s, almost certainly because I don’t have a de fruit underscore GFX installed. So I better going to try and find that well, a quick search – and I found that’s also here on github there. It is adafruit gfx so I’m, going to install that library. Now so there’s my downloaded library folder and I had the same problem with the name. So I just shortened it to adafruit gfx and now, if I verify that looks far more promising, okay, so that’s succeeded. So I think we’re over the software. Now now we can get on to the interesting bit the electronics so let’s plug in my Arduino Uno. Now, I’m also going to connect this header wire, to which way shall I do it ground black? That probably makes the most sense so let’s do it that way around. So those are the four wires on there. So ground is black. Vcc is right and then SCL and SDA let’s plug that into the uno. So just come back to the eBay listing for a moment, because I wanted to just check that this thing will run 5 volts, some of them. They say 3 volts. All this says, 3 to 5 volts, so we’ll trust the seller and plug 5 volts into it.

Let’S see what happens so that’s it wired up, I’ve, got black to ground and white to 5 volts, greater SEL and purple to SDA. Now I am anticipating some problems because I can’t see on the back of this thing: the pull up resistors that I squared C requires on clock and data, and also the address link there. The zero and resistor is set to zero. Now. Does that mean address zero? Well, I guess we’ll find out so let’s go for it tools, board, Arduino, Uno tools, port comm, 5, upload upload, set all compiled, ok and it uploaded and guess what it doesn’t work and it’s not really surprising, because I think it firstly is this address thing so Let’S look at this now. There are no defines in this Adafruit code for the I squared C address. But if you scroll down a bit where it does a display begin, it’s got SSD 1306 switch a PVCC, not sure that means and there’s. The Oh X, 3 D address where it says initialize with I Squared’s to address. Oh x3d on my dress, appears to be zero, so I’m, just going to shove a zero in there and see what happens so there’s my zero and guess what it still doesn’t work right. So it’s a bit bhaji but I’ve put in a couple of 10k pull. Ups and I think the pull up resistors are that fussy, so 10k resistors were to hand, but still nothing so that’s.

The 15 minutes out of the water I’m, a bit stumped I’m, going to have a bit of a think. Now so I’ve been looking around and I found this which says: Oh load, I squared C display compatible with the Adafruit graphics library, with a small change of the address from X, 3 D, 2 X, 3 C. So I thought was worth a try. So what happened? When I try that this, so it’s working and it’s, going through a whole set of sort of graphical elements, rectangles circles let’s get in a bit closer, just reset the board set them through the thing again, one pixel some lines, which I get to focus rectangles circles, Thin line circles round cornered rectangle pick a line version of the above triangles and text that’s. What we really want to see some scrolling ha ha and then it seems to end the sequence with the falling stars so that’s it that works probably well a little bit over 15 minutes more like half an hour. I guess but I’m quite pleased with that. So this is the item I bought. It is a point. 9 6 inch, I squared C 128 by 64 OLED, three pounds: 77 free postage. I got it from ok cat fare. Now the old man KK says that you can get it cheaper from bang. Good. 5. 26 let’s check that out. So here it is today it appears to be 5.’ doesn’t, say white in the description in the title, but it does further down let’s just switch that to pounds.

So, yes, it is cheaper than three pounds: 77 it’s, 3 pounds 23 on bang, good and even on bang good. It says if you decide to buy oled display, you must confirm that you can make it work by yourself.


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Compact Internet of Things projects made easy with our ESP8266 WiFi Board with 0.91″ OLED and USB Interface – #pmdway #arduino #esp8266



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  1. hey please answer this,
    this aurduino circuit, how do we power it if it is not connected to computer and we want to run the program that is store in the rom whenever it starts as there is on/off button

  2. I have worked on this for days and still nothing. Now getting error compiling/downloading to Arduino etc.
    I am getting carpal tunnel from ordering all this crap and trying to make it work. Have to wonder if it is this
    complicated how in the world do you ever manage to do anything useful with Arduino at all?

  3. OK I got it running. Of all the 37 land mines I had to step on the
    prize winner is the display has address code 0x78 or 0x7A which it
    turns out is for 10 bit and doesn’t seem to have been included in
    the sketches. If I hadn’t bought 2 other displays of a simpler design
    I would be in the Drool Factory.

    1. @Lizardo Foz What is MOST exasperating and infuriating is seeing the addresses screen printed (the ones you quoted) on the board, using them and after much hair pulling discover that they are completely INCORRECT and actually are the standard default 0x3c address!!! ARRRRGGGHHH!

  4. Could it be possible to connect this to a Raspberry pi 3 B+? I mean I guess it is but I don’t know if it is meant for Arduino only or not

  5. I have a similar project but want to measure the voltage from a solar panel. Is it fine to just connect the lead from the panel straight to the terminal without anything else in the circuit? I tried but the voltages don’t vary under different light levels.

  6. I thought my cheap ass lanmu OLED from amazon were faulty but nope! I had to change the address to 0x3C You made my day!

    1. Bro! Even I have the same but its showing garbage when i applied his trick.. Is it my oled damaged?

    2. @Strictly Fun , Motivation , and Other I don’t think so. I don’t have much idea and I even thought I burned or short it somehow. I had another from the same order and it wasn’t working either. There’s like 3 different libraries and eventually I got it to work by trying them. check also your wiring (I know it’s just a few cables, but check in your machine for the correct I2C pins)

  7. Even I have the same but its showing garbage when i applied his trick.. Is it my oled damaged?


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