Okay. Here this is the pldc motor six pole, chatter and a four pole rotor and look at this. This is the potentiometer used for varying the speed of the pldc motor here: the sequence of commutation, a b 1, a c 1 b c, 1 b, a 1 c. A 1 here this is the a b is the top side most point and the a 1 b, 1 c 1 is the bottom side. Mosfet. Okay, here look at this. What logic is used in the arduino here? The logics blinking led with the variable speed controlled by a part here. This is the logic used in the arduino and it is used placed for the pldc controller. Okay. Now i am going to explain the motor and other details. Okay, thank you, hello friends. Here the pldc motor is controlled by a ldc controller, three phase field controller and using arduino okay. Here this is the arduino and the sixth output is given through the resistor and and is connected to the mosfet gate. Here the output of the controller is given to the motor here. It is the part used for the very varying the speed okay. Here i am going to stop and distort the motor okay. Okay, now i am going to start the motor okay. The motor is running now i am going to slow the speed of the motor and watch the most part firing. Okay, here, look at this: the led smart used for monthly power supply 12 volt and the current conception 0.

54. Okay. So, okay, friends, if you like this project, please subscribe and press the bell button and also press the like button.