My role number is 2 1 ie1001 and i am from section 6 group b of diy project and i have made this fire alarm system using the autodesk tinkercad software to do it first ive taken a arduino board and then beside it. I have mounted this breadboard and then in the breadboard i have dragged into a gas sensor temperature sensor in the free work space i break into a piezo, buzzer and a led. These are for alerting purposes. Then the power sources of the arduino, namely the five volt source and the ground source, are connected to the same of the breadboard. I have colored them with green and red light and then the input signals of the gas sensor and the temperature sensor are connected with the ground source and the 5 volt source in the breadboard. And then the output signal of the gas sensor and temperature is insert. They are connected to the analog pins of the arduino, namely a naught and a1 in case of the piezo brother. The positive pin is connected with the digital pin of arduino. Here it is p7 and the negative screen of the piezo is connected with a ground pin of the breadboard. Similarly, for the led, the cathode pin of the led is connected with the ground. Pin of arduino and other terminal is connected with a digital pin of the arduino its d13. Here, as you can see, in some cases, i have connected the resistor, its purpose, to restrict the current in certain connections, because very high value of current in those connections can lead to damage of the gas sensor and the led as well thats.

The basic setup of the fire alarm system is created and then ive put the code in text. We are changing mode temperature p out is for output of temperature sensor, we have one is when temperature changes and new voltage will be produced. The inputs of led gas sensor p0 are set now for the pin concept for input and output. The inputs are in a1 and a1. The output are by led and pc, then coming to the loop Music temperature foreign greater than equal to 80 degree celsius, which is the actual temperature. The led is high, it means any glow, otherwise it will look. Also, if the gas sensor reading is greater than or equal to, 100 b, though, is set to high otherwise, either and now we will simulate it and, as we take the consideration of the smoke away from the gas sensor, the piece of weathering is stopped also, and The temperature is, the value of temperature is in medium scales. Now we hit it high and we can see the led is clearly glowing Music of the, and now i will copy the code so that i can later paste it in alternative id chip. If you properly executing order now we are in the arduino ide here i will paste the text code of the fire alarm system. Here we go its the code and now i will check if the code is properly executing or not. The process is taking place and the compilation of the code in the arduino ide is done without any error.

That means the code will run successfully without any problem in the actual arduino, and thus our project work of the fire alarm system is successful.