Arduino and Chat GPT Experiments

Chat GPT is the AI chat tool which give answer to your questions. Not only this but chat GPT right code for you in any language. So in this video we will try to write code for Arduino and chat GPT, and we will see how accurate chat GPT is in writing code for Arduino […]

How To Install Arduino IDE 2.0 On Windows 10/11 [ 2023 Update ] Arduino Uno Complete Guide

I am going to show you how to install Arduino on the Windows operating system and then also, I am going to show you how to write a simple you know, Arduino program and how to run that on our Arduino. So, Im going to show you the hardware, your connection with your laptop and […]

Arduino + OLED = Serial Port Monitor und Debugger

Nur noch fr Experimente bei den OLEDs habe ich mich mittlerweile auf, die, SPI, OLED eingeschossen, also das ist wirklich hier in meiner Krabbelkiste alles zur Verfgung, ich zeige euch mal was ich vor habe den Mikro verbinde ich hier mit dem OLED ber den. I Quadrat sebus einfach SDA, an sda beim auch noch […]

Top 10 Arduino Projects 2023 | DIY Arduino Ideas

It is very important to clean and sanitize all items during covet, but sanitizers should not be used on fruits, vegetables, packed fruits and other items. Let us check out this DIY Arduino disinfection box, that uses UV rays to kill viruses without water or chemicals. Music. Foreign Music scarecrow is a decoy or mannequin […]

ChatGPT instant C++ script for programming – Great for Arduino beginners!

This Advanced AI can create custom programming code based on your specifications. For example, I told the AI I had an LCD screen and a soil moisture sensor. Not only did it write the code, but it also told me how to wire the modules to the Arduino. This AI could be incredibly useful if […]

Arduino Nano passes the banana test!

The same punch is a much larger development board, but it can fit in really tiny places. This is like a banana, but thats really not the full story. I mean what is an Arduino Nano anyway, if you go to the Arduino website, there are seven different types of Nanos listed, all with different […]

I Asked ChatGPT To Write Arduino Code in 2023 (THE RESULTS WILL SHOCK YOU)

So this is what Im going to show you today in this video. So if you go to the website of, you can click and try the research version of chatibility, which is actually a very Advanced chat. Bot uh, which uses deep learning models to actually use a lot of data on the […]

How to build your Own advanced Arduino UNO | DIY | JLCPCB

All Electronics enthusiasts should be familiar with this board. By the way it has some outdated things like the type B USB port, which is bulky when it has only female header pins for connections. The barrel Jacks also seems very traditional, so I decided to build an updated version of Arduino Uno and I […]