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So i hope you have had a clear idea about this t0 t1 t3t for business and how there is no time consumed to move between one line to another line: okay for arduino right and unless we are giving a purposeful, uh delay right. That is the only place a delay could occur so […]

a-h-wifi-webserver for the Arduino Portenta Maker 100 Robotics Course

Now i can go to this to look at the code, but it actually will be better on um. Oh, no, it wont im going to end this um yeah lets just go with it uh the reason i thought it would be better was i thought, uh the secrets tab would be used in […]

a-h-wifi-webserver for the Arduino Portenta Maker 100 Robotics Course

Now i can go to this to look at the code, but it actually will be better on um. Oh, no, it wont im going to end this um yeah lets just go with it uh the reason i thought it would be better was i thought, uh the secrets tab would be used in […]

Arduino | Mạch Volume Xoay 360 độ Rotary Encoder

I Em cm n nha bn, nn, l, mnh s, gi, l, ti em c n th y n s, nh th, ny y n c mt nh, ny n ri, cho thng xem, ci, hay, l, ci, mt n nh, my th mt, my c s, thy rt; L thng c s: dng nhiu, […]

g-a-SOS Simple Coding for the Arduino Portenta Maker 100 Robotics Course

Uh ive got the ethernet vision shield attached to the back, but thats not needed. It can just come right off it, just pops off so theres, just the the portenta board um, and i really like doing these female headers, because then you can attach the vision shields. Here are the 60 80 80 […]

How to make Bluetooth Remote Controlled Car using arduino, Electronics Arduino project

Plate screw set and well are ready to go Music mount the four metal studs on the arduino base plate Music fix the three screws on the arduino uno, with the help of a screwdriver and dont. Try to put the fourth screw on it because its the arduino base plate design, so dont try […]

7 cool effects with LED and Arduino 😎

Time is Music so to make this project the requirements that we need are arduino board a breadboard couple of jumper whites, Music, 220 ohm resistors in order to protect the Music leds and 12 5 mm green. Sorry, blue color leds. So before going to the connections and coding part, i would request to […]

Teknologi Microcontroller Untuk Tunanetra | Project Arduino

uno, kabel, jumper, Mi tu, Female dan langsung saja kita merakitnya, pertama, untuk, besar, kita, sisa, colokan, Pin kaki pendek dari besar atau minus ke grounds, dari Arduino, pastikan, kalian, menggunakan, ground yang ada di sini, enam kaki, plus dari besar seharusnya berada di pen, Hai dan untuk sensor, ultrasonik tetap, pasang, lagi, Musik, kabel, […]

MillaTronics: Making Security Alarm in Arduino.

The skies Music Music can make Music come me me, Music, open eyes, Music, Music, hold tight, hold tight, hold tight Music dripping like paint the skies Music. Come here, Music, Music, stop Music, Music paint.

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What is called time, delays and time gaps. Okay time inviting and also we know, you know, probably errors we could make, and we talked about that as well all good. So now uh, you know how to play around with one led. So why dont you try to to do it with two leds. […]

Arduino FingerPrint Door lock system

This one is, you can see this one, and this is is a power voltage which you can supply to our board. And, lastly, we have the solenoid lock, which helps to open the door. Music guys welcome to our arduino fingerprint download system, so lets begin with our project. So, first of all we […]

Control de temperatura del agua mediante arduino

Conexiones el cual su funcin que es de generar un pequeo voltaje como resultado de un efecto se ve que este voltaje vara segn la diferencia de temperatura que se va a aplicar estos medidores son muy comunes se utilizan en la industria y, esta medicin de se. Toma del termo cumpla est definido por […]

Arduino ile Led Blink Kod ve Fritzing Çizimleri ile Anlatım

gn ne yapacaz bir Yapacaz yani gidiyoruz bana daha sonra bizim de izledim, yanp sndn anlamamz iin bir, bekleme, komutunu, ihtiyacmz, var, bu, komutu da derler, komutuyla evresine, yazdmz deer milisaniye, cinsinden birer olduu, iin, burada, Yarm, Saniyelik, bir, bekleme, sremiz, olacak, Bu da koydum, geri kalan, ksmn, syle, yapalm, paray, kapatalm, ama, Bu sefer […]

b-b-b-I2C-grove-OLED For the Arduino Portenta Maker 100 Robotics Course

Lets show raw copy the whole chunk of code paste. It here reminder you can get it from the portento pro community. Um and have a look at the includes include arduino thats, not really needed. This thing well would better double check and its actually installed so go to oh yeah thats, not going […]

Automated Greenhouse Project using Arduino Uno

This is my block diagram of my design ill be using three sensors. The sensors are a dht11 temperature, humidity sensor, a air quality sensor and a soil moisture sensor. The data captured from these sensors will be sent to thingspeak via a esp wi fi module on finspeak. I will monitor the data. The […]


Para fins profissionais como, por, exemplo de sade, ou mesmo, segurana e acessibilidade, como tambm podem, ser, usados, como, maneira de viver, so como expresses de arte, por exemplo os famosos cosplay eu gostaria de comear esse vdeo fazendo uma pergunta, primeiro se voc j, conhecia esse estilo de Projetos que so usar coisas se […]

Arduino Battery Test 4/4: Testing Original SANYO 18650 With #AHT10 and #thingspeak

We are going to talk about the test of your 18650 battery lithium ion battery using the thingspeak and also sensor so the first of all. We have this battery, so this is a sanyo battery rated as 3500m, so we already done the setup before um. We are going to check it out whether […]

Arduino REED SENSOR Wiring setup and Programming the Arduino for Absolute Beginners Tutorial

This tutorial im going to use arduino uno a protoboard, a read sensor, a led light 220 ohms resistors and some wires lets get started with the wiring. So first of all were going to take the led light and, as you see, the led light has two pins. One of them is shorter, one […]

04 – 01 – Estrutura e padrão de códigos para Arduino

Uma dessas funes Satan uma, expresso em ingls que significa configurar essa funo foi pensado para colocar, uns todas, as etapas de configurao do Arduino antes de iniciarmos, a utilizao efetiva dele na funo Satan que definimos um pinos do Arduino sero de leitura se formos usar botes por Exemplo ou de inscrito se vamos […]

How to Choose Arduino Board for Your Project | Arduino Basics Tutorial

. We wont be covering every single board, as there are over 20 different ones. We also wont go deeper into all the specifications of a board.. Instead, we will discuss properties that are good to take into account when choosing a board for your project as well as highlight some boards and board types. […]