arduino uno wifi

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   I mean just 5 dollars for WiFi module which works easily with let’s, say: Arduino is way cheaper than an Arduino yun or other WiFi shields. So I went ahead and bought 3 of those quite a while ago, And today I will show you what they are, what they can […]

arduino 9v adapter

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   I Msica Msica lo primero que tenemos que hacer es tomar la batera de 9 voltios y debemos remover completamente toda la parte metlica hasta, que nos quede nicamente, esta pieza de aqu, que nos servir, para poder, conectar, otras, bateras de 9, voltios una, vez tengamos, esta pieza, Debemos de […]

arduino 2 pin button

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   If I press any of these buttons. I press this button goes that way and if I press any of the other buttons it actually basically starts from wherever I press. We need to be able to read eight buttons and to write eight LEDs and that normally takes 16 pins. […]

arduino float to int

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   This is a real trap for beginners, and the issue often comes up in beginner forums. The reason for this difficulty is that information sent between the PC and the Arduino, such as this hello world string, is always transmitted as a sequence of ASCII codes as keeping the American Standard […]

arduino nano power supply

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   So in this video I will show you how repurpose such useless buttons to control the LED lighting behind my TV. Firstly, I will talk a bit about the theory of controlling things with remote and then I will construct the main project around neutrino nano for you to remake let’s, […]

arduino thermometer

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   If you’re doing like a weather station or some kind of like home environmental control, project, they’re, really good, really inexpensive and very easy to set up the thermistor I’m using in this video is a 100 K, own resistance, thermistor we’re, going to set up a voltage divider. So we […]

arduino 8×8 led matrix projects

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   All these are actually the narrow pixels, but basically addressable LEDs the ws2812. I think there are something like that anyway, I’ve got 600 of these. Now I was wondering what to do with it. Do with them to actually connect them know. If you can see you connect a common […]

Capacitive Soil Humidity Sensor Non-corrosive Wide Voltage with Line

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arduino 7 segment display library

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   So today, I’m going to show you how to connect the four of a either a four digit Ali. Seven segment LED display. That is one difficult name to say or if you want, if you have just four single ones like the ones back here, how to connect. Four of […]

arduino clock

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   . Today we build a real time clock., As you can see in the display. We have here date time and the temperature.. All this is accomplished with the use of only one chip.. This little chip is the DS3231 chip.. This one here.. Let see how it is built. The […]

DHT22 Single Bus Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor AM2302 Module Electronic Building Block

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ESP01 Receiver Module WiFi Wireless Module Wireless Transceiver ESP8266 Serial

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arduino counter

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   This second counter has to count up to exactly 60 seconds before increasing the minutes counter Or the to builder date of the clock should blink every half seconds or the Led Matrix Figure should move one step to the right every quarter seconds, while the rows of the Led Matrix […]

arduino motor

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   The very popular and easy to use and cheap easy driver module to actually drive the stepper motor. Now you might hear on the background we’re treaty printing, some parts right now in our shop and I’m, mentioning that because we’re using some treaty parts right now and weren’t sure if […]

5V Low Level Trigger 1 Channel Relay Module Interface Board Shield DC AC 220V for Arduino

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arduino 4 channel relay

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   We can do that using relays relay is actually a switch which is electrically operated by an electromagnet. The electromagnet is activated with a low voltage, for example, 5 volts from a microcontroller, and it pulls a contact to make or break a high voltage circuit. As an example for this […]

arduino xbox one controller

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   And you can have that to function as a game control to play a computer game which is the main one of the main purposes of the uno joy project. I think, and in that particular video. I did things on Linux because it’s easier for me to make this video […]

arduino 2560 mega pinout

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   The pins can be divided in two main functions as analog pins and as a digital pins. There are 16 analog input pins, those shaded in yellow labeled, from pin H 0 to pin a 15. Each pin provides a 10 bit of input resolution that is a range of 1024 […]

arduino 7 segment display clock

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   Actually, one of these four seven segment displays in one package from Sparkfun, it’s kind of cool and I’m controlling it all using transistors, a single shift register and a what’s that in one of these binary to seven segment, display driver chips and we’ll go over all of What’S going […]

arduino 2 relay module

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   Build something: new. I’m, Patrick Norton., I’m, Michael Hand.. We were going to bring you the most amazing confluence of aluminum gas, welding and lemons today., But that failed horribly. Yes.. Yes, it did., So instead Arduinos. Yay, What’s an Arduino. So Arduino is a microcontroller that you can program to […]