🔥 ¿Qué es un Robot? – Robótica con Arduino🔥

Lo que hicimos en nuestra clase de este curso de programacin y robtica educativa en mi Maker house para ello, comenzamos muy bien campeones. Lo primero que vamos a hacer como ya saben ustedes es Ingresar, a nuestra plataforma bemaker.io colocar nuestro usuario contrasea y despus entrar, a lo que es el Maker space, o […]

3.1 Uso del protoboard – Encender un LED RGB con Arduino parte 2

Lo nico que voy a hacer es conectar donde dice, genere Aqu est este cablecito de color caf lo conecte al punto, nmero 3 que es genere el primero, dice Being el segundo, dice gnb y el tercero tambin dice gnd por, lo tanto este cablecito est conectado en El gnd esto lo voy, a […]

Простий цифровий індикатор КСВ та потужності на Arduino Nano+LCD1602. UT0IS & UR5YW project. middle

12. 8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juRHOyXmsM8

Arduino Drum Sequencer: 8 tracks, 16 steps per measure, 8 measures per pattern

Hier is n, nuwe weergawe van die, Arduino drom sequencer, wat, presies, dieselfde hardeware gebruik skematies is in ouer videos. Nou vir diegene met, baie, skerp, o die, rooster is agt rye en sestien, kolomme. Rye is instrumentspore, kolomme is stappe, die, rooster. Verteenwoordig n enkele maat van n patroon van agt mate. Sewe volledige […]

How to Use Switch Case in Arduino Programs – Ultimate Guide to the Arduino #12

That is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to master the Arduino. The kit comes with an Arduino 22 different sensors and modules thread boards, jumper wires and everything else. You need to build a bunch of fun and interesting projects, learn about robotics by building a remote, controlled smart car that can […]

Make Obstacle Avoiding Robot using Arduino

Thank you, foreign Music. Thank you, Music, Music! Thank you, foreign Music. Thank you, Music. Thank you, Music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJYlwAXYhPE

RF Power Meter Using An AD8317 & Arduino

The ad8317 provides a DC output of between 1.4 volts and 0.4 volts. We can then use this DC output to calculate the input power perfect for connecting to single ball computers, like the Raspberry Pi through an ADC or an Arduino analog, pin. I remember coming across a project by Papa Alpha zero rwe, […]

Love or hate it? The controversial Arduino Simulator

The simulator is called tinkercad and some people love it and some people hate it. Tinkercad is great because you can easily build circuits using a virtual Arduino and a virtual breadboard and in the same interface you can also write code that will run on that simulated Arduino its fantastic, and this is great […]

5 Ways to Kill an Arduino (Video#115)

There is a risk that it will overload and burn the 5 volt voltage regulator on the Arduino board. The common way to avoid that is using separate power supplies for the Arduino and the motor Shield. The more elegant way is to internally generate the 5 volt from the higher V in voltage, using […]

Which Processor can kill the ESP32?

Also in Corona times., It was introduced six years ago., So it is pretty old in electronic terms.. Therefore, the question Do we have to change And for which processor Grezi YouTubers. Here is the guy with the Swiss accent., With a new episode and fresh ideas around sensors and microcontrollers.. Remember If you subscribe, […]

how to make without wire projects using arduino at home

All the projects that I have shown in this video. You can see all the projects one by one. By visiting my channel. All projects, wireless means we can run all without wire. So lets see all the projects one by one. The project you are viewing is an antitouch door bell.. Nowadays it is […]


He liado con pulsador, o interruptor, mil disculpas para m todo aquello que t apriete y corte corriente en interruptor pero est claro que en este caso en el vdeo anterior fue un pulsador. Lo que utilizamos vale, No cambia, nada, la instalacin. Es la misma, la programacin, tambin nicamente es la palabra que yo […]

il nuovo ARDUINO è Potentissimo 🤯

Al mondo della piccola robotica Come hobby e, la possibilit di creare, progetti personali e tanti Maker ma anche dato vita in maniera estesa al mondo, della stampa 3D al mondo dei droni fpv sono tutte branche, che sono nate da Arduini e oggi, Lanciano larduino giga una nuova; Scheda pi potente del mega con […]

how to make Arduino circuit projects at home

Otherwise its counting will not start. Let me try it and show you One end of this: fiber cable will be attached to the sender and one end will be attached to the receiver.. Now we turn it on So now see whenever we put this fiber cable on it and click on it. Only […]


Mucho pero que bueno a partir de ahora le vamos, a dar un cierto protagonismo tambin ya, que aqu tenemos nuestro ordenador y cada vez que hagamos algo referente al tema que vamos a tratar hoy lo haremos desde aqu desde, esta esquinita de esta manera podris identificarlo fcilmente. A ver qu me emociona que […]

Confused about which Arduino board to choose? Mega vs. Uno comparison

. Now listen. I love the Arduino Uno, but hear me out going from the Arduino Uno to the Arduino. Mega 2560 is like upgrading from a soccer dads minivan to a double decker bus sure they both get you from point A to point B, but one allows you to bring the kitchen sink. […]

12 Amazing Arduino Projects of the Month – 2023 Projects

We will discuss some interesting Arduino projects, so lets get started if youre a beginner and want to learn Arduino in a fun and easy way, with a free, ebook stay tuned till the end of the video number 12.. How can you create some beautiful pieces of art by painting on your own? Instead, […]

DIY Arduino based Peristaltic pump | Arduino based project

Thank you, Music, Music, foreign, Music, .com, glcpcb is worldwide known for their quality and fast PCB production. They are offering high quality PCB in very affordable rates. This make GLC PCB. Is my favorite place to order PCB GLC PCB now started the smt service for their customers? It means you can get your […]

How To Extract HEX Code from Arduino

Instead of writing the code to the Arduino well see how to extract an existing code from the Arduino and save it in an hexadecimal format, which basically means ones and zeros. I will show you how the code is stored and burned to the Arduino and what software we need to extract it back, […]

Arduino and Chat GPT Experiments

Chat GPT is the AI chat tool which give answer to your questions. Not only this but chat GPT right code for you in any language. So in this video we will try to write code for Arduino and chat GPT, and we will see how accurate chat GPT is in writing code for Arduino […]